Fuel Saving Tips for Money-Conscious Truck Companies

Every trucking company spends enormous amounts on diesel. The cost is especially pernicious when fuel prices are rising. Thankfully, there are strategies for lowering the expense. With a proper approach, the savings can be significant. Owners should tell drivers a bonus lies in their future when they burn less fuel. Here are some tips for lowering what gets spent and increasing each transportation operation’s bottom line.

Reduce Gear Changes

When a truck shifts gears, it eats fuel. Remind drivers that their tanks last longer when they do it less. Awareness of traffic patterns and road construction can help facilitate this objective.

Use Synthetic Oils

Synthetic oil costs more than regular oil, but the benefits are worthwhile. Among other reasons, it is less likely to thicken at lower temperatures, which increases fuel consumption. It also doesn’t need to be changed as often as regular oil.

Never Overfill Tanks

It can be tempting to try stuffing as much fuel as possible into a truck when filling up. While this might be convenient, it increases the possibility of a spill. Anything that cascades onto the ground is a waste of money and natural resources.

Drive Speed Limits

The faster a trucker heads down the highway, the more that vehicle consumes. It makes good economic and environmental sense to obey all traffic laws, including speed limits. It also reduces the odds of getting a moving violation.

Shut Down Air Conditioners

Blasting the A/C doesn’t burn much fuel, yet it still lowers the tank. There are plenty of instances when units are unnecessarily on. Remind drivers that they should remove jackets and heavy overshirts before heading out. Another strategy for remaining cool is rolling down the windows. It’s free, and who doesn’t welcome a fresh breeze?

Avoid Idling Situations

It takes just one hour of idling to burn approximately one gallon of fuel. For this reason, drivers should always turn off engines when leaving their vehicles. Besides saving diesel, taking keys with them discourages criminals from stealing their most valuable business assets. When wall-to-wall traffic means movement is impossible, truckers should cut their motors until forward progress once again becomes possible.

Profit is the objective of every business. For those in the transportation industry, the need to remain in the black certainly applies. Encouraging fuel conservation techniques will help achieve this goal. Any savvy trucking company should use them and closely watch this critical variable.