Equipment Financing

We Can Finance the Equipment Your Business Needs

Equipment can be expensive (as you’ve probably already learned if you own a business). But most companies are unable to succeed without some type of equipment. Depending on the nature of your business, your equipment needs may be as small as a few office desktops, printers, and telephones. Or you may need large equipment that can quickly cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Here at Alta Commercial Capital, we offer generous equipment financing programs to help you get your hands on the types of equipment your company requires without draining your financial reserves.

Program Benefits

Our equipment leasing and financing programs are slated to give you as many benefits as possible. Some of these benefits include:

  • Up to $500,000 or more for middle-market and large-ticket items
  • No financial statement is required for applications up to $150,000
  • Multiple payment structures are available
  • We require little to no down payment

Many approvals are granted in just 24 hours. Approvals for large-ticket items may take up to five days. Businesses that have been operating for at least two years are invited to apply for our equipment financing program.

Our Programs

Here are some of your financing choices:

  • Sale and Lease Back: This program is designed to help business owners who have already purchased equipment get rapid financing. You can sell your equipment to us and we’ll instantly lease it back to you. You’ll get a large lump of cash and you’ll own the equipment again at the end of the lease term.
  • Startup Programs: We have structured these programs to meet the equipment leasing and financing needs of small businesses.
  • Second-Chance Programs: If you’ve come across hard financial times and your credit has suffered, apply for our B, C, and D credit programs.
  • Government and Municipal Programs: We guarantee approval for government and municipal agencies (from police departments to public schools).

Contact us to learn more about any of these excellent equipment financing programs.